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Grand hotel.thing


Are you ready for a special story?

Then grab a cup of tea and sit back on your #samtsofablau (blue velvet sofa) and listen to my interpretation.
A story about the #Grandhotelding loosely based on Vicki Baum.

Put yourself back in the 1920s in Berlin and imagine an imposing hotel. A hotel where many people come in and out. Women and men, couples, and businessmen. 
They all leave little dots of memory on spotless white sheets.
But there are also people in the hotel who leave their marks. Not just small spots of memory, no, long traces. Linked to other hotel guests.

The instruction for this shawl reflects the story "People in the hotel" in English known as Grand Hotel.


How the story continues, you will find in the instructions.



Size: 180 cm wide x 50 cm deep



26 sts x 29 rows = 10 x 10 cm in pattern with Nd 4.0 mm (washed and blocked)


Yarn: Das Mondschaf Pegasus (70% wool, 25% polyamide, 420 m / 100 g) in #Vicki (Vicki Baum, Women of Berlin, Wooltheworld).

Consumption MC (Vicki): approx. 1,200 m ( approx. 3 strands) 

Consumption CC1 (Fritzi): approx. 50 m (1 Pegasus Mini)

Consumption CC2 (Christmas Tree): approx. 50 m (1 Pegasus Mini)

Consumption CC3 (Josephine): approx. 50 m (1 Pegasus Mini)

Consumption CC4 (Rahel): approx. 50 m (1 Pegasus Mini)

Consumption CC5 (Lulu): approx. 50 m (1 Pegasus Mini)

Consumption CC6 (Anni): approx. 50 m (1 Pegasus Mini)


Needles: Main needle 4.0 mm circular knitting needle (80 cm)


Accessories: darning needle, 9 stitch markers, cable needle


Requirements: cable needle.

Menschen im Hotel Ding engl.

6,00 €Preis
exkl. MwSt.
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